Discover the translation services that your company needs.

My name is María Diéguez and I am a Professional Freelance Translator. 

I help companies, organisations and individuals to develop their projects with my added value: a quality translation.

During the last nine years, I have realized about the importance of content internationalisation to reach clients and partners all over the world.

Therefore, translation is an essential tool of communication that can lead to significantly increase the sales and to implement projects with great social impact.

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Document Translation
English, French and Spanish

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Legal Translation

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Financial Translation


Marketing materials for international clients.

Contracts and Company Law documents in English, French and Spanish.

Brochures about the company for investors, clients and employees in order to attract talent and capital around the globe.

All the documents needed for immigration purposes.

Criminal records, academic documents and certificates in English, French and Spanish according to the client’s needs.

Translation of powers of attorneys and deeds.

Marriage certificates and wills translated according to the client’s needs.


Law Firms

Translation of the documents needed for a hearing, such as contracts, court orders and expert reports.

Judgements, court orders and expert opinions translated to offer a better legal consulting service.

Intellectual Property documents: patents, copyrights, and trademarks, among others.

Brochures in English, French and Spanish to attract investors around the globe.

Letters for the participants of an investment fund.

Press releases in English, French and Spanish.

Suitability test to invest in products, translated according to the client’s needs.

Investment Funds

Fixed rate per word: from 0,09 EUR.

The client will receive a quote including the following:

  • Total number of words in the source document.

  • Fixed rate per source word.

  • Taxes.

  • Delivery day and time.

  • Due date of the invoice.

  • Additional cost for DTP service.

  • Other details according to the client’s needs.